Sunshine Sanctuary For Kids & Horses

10931 Singer Ave

Los Molinos, CA 96055

(530) 529-0183


Your Thoughts... Our Mission:

Sunshine Sanctuary has embraced a mission of creating an environment where kids and critically endangered Colonial Spanish Horses can feel safe learning from one another while sharing love and compassion.

• We encourage positive social and education behaviors. Cultivate non-judgmental kindness and respect for animals and humans regardless of disabilities or appearance.

• We build developmental assets, promote social competencies and life skills. Youth are provided with behavioral boundaries and incentives.

• We guide youth toward a productive life based on positive values.

“I would like to sincerely thank, from the bottom of my heart, the love and caring that is given to all that enter through the “gates of happiness”. This is a place where people volunteer their time, and their heart. It runs on donations. What a better investment? Helping our children, help themselves! I personally have seen the development of happiness, and the contagious smiles that are for all that enter these grounds. Where an escape for a child is safe and still a protected environment. I thank all who have made this possible. The grants and donations from our communities, the adults, both young and old, that volunteer their time, and especially the horses.”

Linda L. Paylor and Family