Sunshine Sanctuary For Kids & Horses

10931 Singer Ave

Los Molinos, CA 96055

(530) 529-0183


Suggested Donation
Birthday or Christmas gifts for a needy child or 2 bags of horse treats.
1 Weeks Support for 1 Horse
1 Months Youth Membership
Provide annual vaccinations for 1 horse
Sponsor 1 horse for 3 months
Farrier services for 1 horse for 1 year

We are very grateful for donations here at the sanctuary. If you are unsure of an amount to donate here are some examples:

Also, please consider making a monthly recurring donation through Network For Good. This way you are sure to show your support without the hassle of having to remember every month, and it can help with vet bills, feed, and riding programs.


In addition to monetary donations we are also always in need of other supplies. (Hay, riding helmets, paint, wood fencing, halters, youth and adult saddles, etc.) Please feel free to email or call for arrangements with these items.


Receipts will be provided upon request for all donations.