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Enshalla’s Story!!!

Sunshine Sanctuary for kids and horses needs help raising the money to help Rosie. Rosie had a malignant cancer that without immediate removal of the diseased tissues and ongoing treatment and biopsies, this cancer will aggressively spread throughout her body. At that point there is no treatment and no hope of survival.

Rosie is critical member of the Santa Cruz Island Herd, now named the Heavenly Heritage Herd. With still less than 30 horses of this breed in the world, losing another member of this herd makes our dream of keeping them alive for generations to come just that much more out of reach.


Rosie had her baby!

On June 18th Rosie gave birth to a healthy filly named Enshalla. She has been a great mother, and has been able to nurse her baby.

“Today a miracle happened. One we never really believed could.  We have all been praying so hard for Rosie, a beautiful cremella mare with  a terrible cancer that has been slowly draining first her sight then her life from her. Everyone at the Sunshine Sanctuary has lost their hearts to Rosie. The head of the Sanctuary, Christina Nooner, has sacrificed much for this brave mare. The toll emotionally as well as financially has been great. Rosie has been carrying a foal which for the last 6 months nobody thought could be born, much less have mother and filly both survive. There in a shady pasture at the Sunshine Sanctuary for Kids and Horses is our miracle. Rosie and Enshalla are alive and doing what mothers and daughters do. There is not a dry eye anywhere near them, but everyone smiles. We have our miracle and everyone smiles …for the moment that miracles last we are grateful and we smile.”           Mary Ann Himenes ~ Board Member/Director